Friday, December 02, 2005

Fool-Proof Study Tactics

As finals rapidly approach and the Ulcer you're developing becomes increasingly apparent and painful, it is important to use your study time as wisely as possible in order to maximize your chances of success. Fortunately, in law school, this does not entail interminable hours of making flash cards and memorizing class notes. Nope, in law school, success is relative.

Basically, regardless of how much we toil over outlines, obligatory Curve of Death requires that 80% of us will get B's, leaving room for only 10% with A's and sticking 10% with C's. Let's face it, no matter how meticulously you prepare, you pretty much have NO SHOT at getting an A. The best you can do is not get C's.

All efforts must be made to ensure that you are not among this unlucky 10%.
The most efficient way to do this is obvious: you must put all your energy into figuring out which 10 people in your section are probably dumber than you are.

This may or may not require elaborate color-coded spreadsheets, veiled interrogations and secret consultations with other people in your section.

Happy studying.


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How right you are

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