Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bitch and Moan Fest 2005

Alright kids, time to throw out your imaginary social calendar and start practicing your AngryBitterFace, cause Stressed Out Whiny Season is officially open for business. Or, if you aren't in law school and therefore do not fully comprehend the extent to which law students are capable of feeling sorry for themselves and loudly and obnoxiously articulating just how much more difficult their lives are than yours, run, run away while you still can.

The best part of being constantly surrounded other first years who understand exactly what I'm going through is surprisingly not just that it allows every day to turn into a grumpy pity party (though I clearly do enjoy that). Rather, it's their uncanny ability to bring to my attention every little thing that it had not yet occurred to me to be stressed about.

Whatever, I don't generally worry about all that school/learning/generally-being-prepared-for-life-or-at-least-just-finals stuff. The REAL reason I feel bad for myself right now is that I am currently THREE WEEKS behind on my People Magazines. And that is just no way to live.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think you have it tough? I haven't even seen last week's Apprentice AND there are cars outside that have been honking cursing for the last eight minutes!

Plus my long memo sucks and I'm nervous for finals and nervous about....and nervous about....and so on and so forth.

When am I going to eat fucking Burrito Box again?

7:00 PM  

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