Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself

My ability to concentrate on school took a nosedive around Wednesday. I spent the next two days pretending that wasn't true and trying to make myself do work anyway. This led to one of those productive reading sessions were I'd read the same line over and over again for half an hour and still have no idea what it said.

By Friday, I decided I needed to take a brief mental vacation in hopes that my ability to concentrate would magically resurface. After class, my friend came over for delicious lunch and a viewing of Thursday night's Apprentice (if you missed it, check out Whitney's recap--it always rocks). He left to go to class and I decided to do homework. I proceeded to catch up on the SIX AND A HALF HOURS of tv I had DVRed this week. I am a champion! A pathetic champion, but a champion nonetheless. This weekend, not only did I catch up on all the important television I didn't get to watch during the week, but managed to see two movies, hit four bars, buy about twenty-five dollars worth of music on itunes and have one drunken dinner. I did no work at all. In fact, when I sat down to get some work done, I ended up writing this instead. Something is definitely wrong with me.


Blogger MrMystic said...

If there is something wrong with you then we are in the same club.
I have had moments just as you described.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Abhinav Chandola said...

Turn "word verification" on from your settings page to get rid of these spam comments as above.

and yeah, best of luck for the law school... i hear from other friends it is as bad (if not worse) than doing research in a grad school with no money :(

and sometimes i do take snaps of garbage cans (from your hate list)...


PS: i have no clue why i am leaving this comment, feeling totally jobless, i guess ?!

8:02 AM  

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