Friday, August 26, 2005


Whew, orientation week is almost over and thus far, I've survived. Of course, I still have an "exam" to take tomorrow, but I've been assured that so long as I spell my name correctly and write words on a piece of paper, I am guaranteed to pass. If only it were an accurate preview of the year to come...

Orientation at Law School, to my great dismay, is completely unlike orientation at college. College orientation is like summer camp, only drunker. Most people are out of their parents' supervision for the first time, eager to have new experiences, make new friends and then proceed to get drunk with said friends. Colleges (well, at least mine) provide vaguely fun, or at least fairly mindless, activities complete with standard ice breakers and free food to facilitate this (ok, maybe the administration doesn't actively facilitate the drunken part, but it occurs regardless--and free ice cream, yay!). Apparently, it's all downhill from there.

The main event of Law School orientation, on the other hand, has been a daily three hour, one credit, introductory class. Though opportunities to attend open bar parties with your classmates have been provided, so have 60 page nightly readings. This is not to say that the readings and the class must be taken seriously (or get done, for that matter), but isn't the fact that they exist enough to make it suck just a little?

The professor teaching my section for this course seems brilliant. Not only that, but he can actually decipher even the most moronic, off-topic comments from the class and make them some both intelligent and relevant (perhaps the fact that I thought they were stupid in the first place says something about my intelligence, but hey, shut up). In fact, the faculty at Law School appears to be incredibly intelligent and accomplished. But despite the caliber of the faculty and the school itself, and the fact that they are running an ORIENTATION program, Law School is completely inept at making sure incoming students are ACTUALLY ORIENTED. It took almost a week of orientation just for them to tell us what our email addresses are, they haven't finished putting all the names in the system for people to access wireless internet, we just got our tuition bills a week ago, and they still haven't told us what subsection we're in for legal writing. Hi, it's Thursday. Classes start Monday. Some of us would like to know if we'll be required to attend legal writing at that time. Thanks.

In all honesty, I've been pretty impressed with Law School so far. The people in my section are pretty smart overall (and even the idiots use big words to express concepts that they have questionable understanding of), and they're friendly too. That may be subject to change as classes start and the reality of the curve kicks in. But, at least for now, it seems as though there may only be one or two pompous douchebags, which is always a good thing.


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