Monday, August 29, 2005

A Lack of Motivation

Getting out of class Friday, and an hour early at that, was awesome. Until I realized that despite the large amount of reading, long and tiring days of class and surprisingly difficult exam (well, it would have been difficult if there was any reason to believe that they were even going to be read, let alone graded), it was only the end of Orientation. Actual classes haven't even started yet!

I love how I told myself at the end of the summer that, now that I'm in law school, I'm going to buckle down and be a stellar student. I'm going to stay on top of my assignments, pay attention in class, get work done well ahead of time and generally stop attempting to survive on my ability to bullshit. And yet, I am fully aware that this is the same exact thing that I tell myself at the beginning of every academic year. But then I inevitably realize one undeniable, unavoidable fact: I'm lazy. And I love to procrastinate.

This year will totally be different though. I'm going to get all my reading done, and I'm going to do it ahead of time. Starting...well, not right now. Maybe later.


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