Friday, November 18, 2005


Last night, after several hours of staring blankly at the mangled word carcass that I was hoping to transform into a presentable memo, I realized that playing 18 consecutive games of Bubblet while maintaining several simultaneous aim conversations does not actually qualify as a Real Accomplishment. I decided to quit for the night, get reacquainted with my beloved DVR and wake up especially early today to do some more butchering of sentences until they vaguely resembled something that could qualify as "Plain English for Lawyers" (which still manages to have no similitude whatsoever to Actual English That Makes Sense And People Can Understand).

It was clearly a flawless plan as my utter lack of any coherent ideas for my memo would obviously magically transform into 10 pages of ingeniously sound logic and all I had to do was watch the past two episodes of The Office and go to sleep. Brilliant.

Except that I set my alarm for 7:30 pm instead of 7:30 am and slept through torts this morning instead.


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