Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nope, I'm Still Not Funny

Yes, I am aware that I have had nothing even mildly amusing to say in a while. That is because there is something inherently unfunny about long memo writing, and the study of law in general. Well, the collective stress level of first years at this time of year is actually quite hilarious, unless you happen to be a first year, in which case you are likely too blinded by hysterical anxiety to take notice of the absurdity of it.

But seriously, think about it, it's really actually funny. Pretty much everyone I interact with on a daily basis, myself clearly included, has worked them into an utter frenzy over a stupid paper worth maybe 40% of a 2 credit class. And all anyone can do is bitch about how stressed they are, which obviously only makes it worse.

One thing I do appreciate though is the willingness of the 2 & 3Ls to point and laugh at us. Cause there really is no better feeling than being in the middle of discussing the exasperation of the long memo only to have a random 2L interrupt a conversation THAT IN NO WAY PERTAINS TO HIM to interject a snide "just wait until finals" comment. Thank you for your wisdom. I can't wait.

Until then, I'll be here, twitching in the corner and laughing maniacally about how funny law school is.


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