Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fun With Crazies

Bec (7:56:24 PM): i sat next to a crazy person in the train station
Me (7:56:36 PM): a real crazy person?
Bec (7:56:50 PM): she was talking about how she hasn't had a bed for 14 months and that ny is filled with illegal immigrants
Bec (7:57:09 PM): and how she's living in her country, speaking her language, so they should too
Bec (7:57:16 PM): here's the best part...
Bec (7:57:47 PM): she was telling these people about some kids that she met that were hungry, so she gave them five dollars and a cheese sandwhich
Bec (7:57:54 PM): but they worshipped a cow!
Bec (7:58:06 PM): and they made fun of her, AND they made fun of christ!
Bec (7:58:22 PM): so, apparently, she really does think jesus is magic.
Me (7:58:30 PM): i can't believe they would make fun of her AND christ
Me (7:58:31 PM): hahaha
Bec (7:59:25 PM): oh yea and she mentioned something about being a former FBI agent and how the government is out to get derek jeter and a.rod sent to prison
Bec (7:59:42 PM): thats a direct quote.
Me (7:59:46 PM): hahaha
Me (7:59:54 PM): that must have been a fun 40 min wait
Bec (8:00:29 PM): excellent/petrifying
Me (8:01:14 PM): hahaha
Me (8:01:21 PM): you could have moved though, no?
Bec (8:01:44 PM): yea, but i secretly wanted to hear what else she had to say


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