Monday, January 30, 2006

Law Students or Fourth Graders?

Excerpt from an AIM conversation with a law student friend:

Friend (1:51:51 PM): the word "boobs" is popular too
Me (1:52:21 PM): popular as an excuse as to why you didn't read?
Friend (1:53:07 PM): no, popular in movie titles
Friend (1:53:16 PM): on imdb
Friend (1:53:18 PM): i was looking up dirty words while i was bored
Me (1:53:29 PM): oh, i like it better as a reason to not do reading
Friend (1:53:43 PM): ha!
Friend (1:53:59 PM): "could you give us the facts of the case"
Me (1:54:11 PM): BOOBS!
Friend (1:54:21 PM): yup
Me (1:54:32 PM): that would be the best class ever
Friend (1:54:37 PM): often i imagine myself raising my hand
Friend (1:54:41 PM): and just yelling out
Friend (1:54:44 PM): POOP
Friend (1:54:54 PM): and then running out
Me (1:54:56 PM): aaaaaaaaahahahahaha
Me (1:56:08 PM): i would pay good money to see somebody do that
Friend (1:56:25 PM): i know
Friend (1:56:48 PM): if we ever find out someone is planning on dropping out
Friend (1:56:48 PM): we know what to do


Blogger Jurisdiction Whore said...

Great, now I'm in class thinking about boobs and poop. And K Fed since he's still right there.

I suppose maybe I shouldn't be reading blogs during class... *cough cough* :)

9:27 AM  

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