Sunday, January 22, 2006

But Why Wouldn't I Be Invited?

Actual moment from a conversation I had with Cait last night:

Cait: When I get my own apartment, you'll be on the list and you'll have a copy of my key, so you can just come over whenever you want.
Me: Like if I'm in the neighborhood and I have to pee, I can just come up and use your bathroom, and then eat your food and watch your TV, and you can't stop me, cause I'll be on the list.
Cait: Yeah, totally. Or if I have a party and you aren't invited, you can just show up anyway and let yourself in. And then you can be like, "why wasn't I invited to your party?? I MADE you, bitch!"

It's so true. She'd be no one without me.


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