Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Parting Words of Wisdom

To close our last class of the semester, one of our professors left us with some words of wisdom. She spoke about how difficult it is to get into our law school these days, and how confident she is that we will all be excellent attorneys. With that in mind, she discussed final exams, and how they really only measure our abilities to analyze a specific type of issue and do not necessarily indicate how capable we will be as legal professionals. She told us that the grading process, especially the mandatory curve, is disheartening, if not somewhat arbitrary and that we should not put too much emphasis on our exam results.

Contrast this with all year on-going advice from another professor*:

If you don't get all A's, you'll never get a job. It's ok if you don't get all A's, you just won't get on Law Review. Also, then you won't ever get a job. You don't really need to do anything important this summer. Of course, then you'll never get a job. If you haven't been studying for finals for at least the past 12 years of your life, you can't possibly get A's. You know what that means? NO JOB FOR YOU. If you use commercial outlines, you're stupid. Stupid people can't get jobs. If you make so much as a single ink smudge on your exam, points will immediately be deducted from your grade, in which case fire-breathing monkeys will come to your home, singe off your eyelashes, make prank calls from your phone, eat that last piece of pizza you were saving for lunch tomorrow, punch you in the stomach and hook up with your sister. Which, as I'm sure you've guessed, will lead to...NO JOB. Good luck on exams, guys.

*forgive me if I've forgotten and therefore slightly altered the content of his motivational speech


Blogger Jurisdiction Whore said...

I like the second professor's no pressure approach.

Glad you "fized" it.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Ana said...

I wonder if MY law professors and yours went to the same "motivational speaking" school...!!!

6:20 AM  

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